miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008


Hello! I'm Liliana Rabinovich, teacher in Lengua and Ciencias Sociales in a little school of Buenos Aires.
I'm doing an investigation about School and PC.
I've one daughter (39), two boys (38 and 35), and two grandchildren, Marco Andre (4) and Patricio (3).
I'm also a member of Rotary International, and his translator into spanish.
I'm very happy being here with you.

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Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina dijo...

Hi, Liliana. Welcome to Writing Matrix! I hope you will enjoy the experience. Nelba

Lujan dijo...

Hi Liliana! I'm Lujan from writing matrix project. I'm sure you will enjoy working at this project :). I have participated the last year, so be ready to be in touch with blogs, Internet, English, and... us, of course!
Wellcome! :)

From Mar del Plata, Argentina

Matute dijo...

Hello Liliana!! Welcome to the Writing Matrix Project.

As lujan I'm a participant in the last year.

It's an amazing project where we can learn a lot about blogging, social networking via internet, web tools for socialize and a lot more ;)

I invite you to visit my blogs and let a comment.

See you in the blogosphere.


Joao dijo...

Hi Liliana,
Welcome to the Writing Matrix project. This a very interesting and committed group that shares their knowledge about the use of social software in education. I am sure you'll enjoy being a member of it.


Hala Fawzi dijo...

Hi, Liliana,
I am also a new member to the writing matrix project. I am waiting for my students to finish college registration to start participating.
We will have fun and learn at the same time with/from each other.
Hala from Sudan

Barbara dijo...

Hi Liliana! I also participated in Writing Matrix project last year. It was a nice experience, because we could practice English, learned about blogging and about internet tools.
I hope you enjoy it too!!!

Beyza dijo...

Hi Liliana ,
Welcome to writingmatrix.I'm Beyza from writingmatrix project.I'm also a new member of the project.I'm sure we'll learn a lot from each other.