domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

Vission 5

I want to tell you my hobby: make better my comunnity. I'm rotarian, I belong to an excellent organization called Rotary International.It's around all the world with 8000districts that have a promedy of 40 clubs byeach city.

My district is 4890, in Ciudad de Buenos Aires; my club , Rotary Club de Once. I'm it's Secretary and next perios I'll be President by second time.

All the members work for best society's life.

My club took blind people, so we're trying to translate into Braille System a lot of books that may be necessary to blind students of Ciencias Economicas of the University of Buenos Aires.

The Center's Students of that university is helping us to do it. in all cyber's near .

The proyect is called Vission 5 because there are only 5 memebers working on it.

Thanks for reading this, and best regards for all of you.!

miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008


Hello! I'm Liliana Rabinovich, teacher in Lengua and Ciencias Sociales in a little school of Buenos Aires.
I'm doing an investigation about School and PC.
I've one daughter (39), two boys (38 and 35), and two grandchildren, Marco Andre (4) and Patricio (3).
I'm also a member of Rotary International, and his translator into spanish.
I'm very happy being here with you.